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Zpráva20. června 2016Služba nástrojů zahraniční politiky

EU's innovative SMEs of promising industries come to Korea

  • EU business mission to regularly visit Korea in 2016–2020
  • Exploring business cooperation opportunities with Korean companies in green energy, environment & water, healthcare, construction & building, and organic food & beverage sectors

Funded by the European Union, business missions comprising small giants of new industries selected from among 28 EU Member States will visit Korea in 2016–2020. The business missions aim to support cooperation with Korean companies through business exhibitions and meetings. For Korean companies, the missions offer insight into global industry trends and advanced European products and technologies, as well as opportunities for cooperation in trade, technology, and investment with some of Europe's most promising companies.

On June 8 at the Seoul Press Centre, Mr. Gerhard Sabathil, EU Ambassador and Head of the Delegation of the of the European Union to the Republic of Korea, announced the launch of EU Gateway to Korea.



Datum zveřejnění
20. června 2016
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Služba nástrojů zahraniční politiky