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Naujienų straipsnis2018 m. kovo 13 d.Užsienio politikos priemonių tarnyba

New Partnership on Responsible Supply Chains in Asia

During her visit to Singapore to advance EU economic ties with South East Asia, Commissioner Malmström announced the EU will work on responsible supply chains with the OECD, ILO and key partners in the region, such as China, Japan, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines.

"The project aims to do two things", Commissioner Malmström said. "First, it will help investors and businesses understand their responsibilities. Second, it will help create policy environments that promote responsible conduct and dialogue. It will also support coordination across the region for maximum effectiveness. A fair society is a sustainable one, and a sustainable society is a strong one."

More information

Commissioner Malmstrom's speech, ASEAN Business Conference, 2 March

Factsheet: responsible supply chains in Asia

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2018 m. kovo 13 d.
Užsienio politikos priemonių tarnyba