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Новинарска статия2 май 2022Служба за инструментите в областта на външната политика

New support to the Republic of Moldova on cyber-security, addressing disinformation and social cohesion

A new crisis response measure of €8 Million was adopted today to strengthen the Republic of Moldova’s resilience to the crisis situation resulting from the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine.

EU-Moldova flags
EU-Moldova flags

The activities are supporting national efforts to increase the country’s cyber and information security through the establishment of a robust cyber security infrastructure.

In a second component, the actions strengthen the Republic of Moldova’s resilience against disinformation by providing support to independent media and to the Audiovisual Council of the Republic of Moldova, as well as by fostering direct responses to disinformation.

A third component provides assistance to government authorities to ensure the inclusive hosting of refugees from Ukraine, with a specific focus on strengthening the resilience of host-communities and the relevant authorities to mitigate deterioration in access to basic services linked to the refugee inflow. This component is implemented in close coordination with planned humanitarian and development cooperation assistance.