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News article11 November 2022Service for Foreign Policy Instruments

The Plenary of the Kimberly Process adopts a final Communiqué in Botswana

The Kimberley Process (KP) held its Plenary meeting in Gaborone, Botswana on 1-4 November 2022 under the chairmanship of Botswana and against the background of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine.


With its primary objective being the prevention of the flow of conflict diamonds, while helping to protect legitimate trade in rough diamonds, the KP is a unique tripartite initiative that brings together stakeholders in Government, the industry and civil society coalition in its quest to prevent conflict diamonds from entering the diamond trade. The European Union (EU) and its partners had requested that the implications of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine are discussed during Plenary, but this was objected to under consensus rules namely by Russia (one of the world’s leading diamond producers) and Belarus. After long negotiations the Plenary adopted a final Communiqué that acknowledged the divergent views and incorporated a number of letters regarding this issue. The EU made a strong plea for a meaningful reform in the upcoming review cycle that addresses the shortcomings of the current definition of ‘conflict diamonds’. The EU supported the decision taken by the Plenary to designate Botswana as the seat of the future KP Secretariat. The EU calls for the KP to ensure space for the Civil Society Coalition to fulfil its crucial role. Zimbabwe will take over the chairmanship of the KP in 2023 with United Arab Emirates as Vice-chair.




Publication date
11 November 2022
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