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News article20 November 2023Service for Foreign Policy Instruments1 min read

The EU-UN renewed cooperation on insider mediation for conflict prevention and peacebuilding

The EU and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) have renewed their partnership on insider mediation for conflict prevention and peacebuilding through a three-year project funded by the FPI.

The EU-UN renewed cooperation on insider mediation
European Commission

It aims to support local leadership and local ownership in peace mediation. During previous phases, the EU-UNDP partnership on Insider Mediation has enabled building and piloting critical insider mediation capacities across 14 countries while contributing to global policy and practice through two guidance notes on Engaging with Insider Mediators.

Working even closer with national partners, the new phase will dedicate its resources to institutionalising and sustaining the capacities of Insider Mediators, significantly boosting the leadership of women and youth, facilitating access to global knowledge as well as context-specific, shared learning via peer support. As part of the collaboration, the EU and the UNDP aim to create a space for peer support and learning of Insider Mediators as well as space to share good practices and lessons learned with organisations supporting the work of Insider Mediators.

"The renewed UNDP-EU partnership on Insider Mediation pays particular attention to the powerful potential of women and young people as change agents for peace", said Peter M. Wagner, Head of the FPI. Both the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) as well as the Youth, Peace and Security (YPS) agendas demonstrate the pivotal role of women's and young people's meaningful inclusion and leadership in conflict prevention and sustainable peacebuilding.

The recently organised event “The EU Community of Practice on Peace Mediation 2023 was an excellent opportunity to explore jointly with young mediators from diverse backgrounds age dynamics in insider mediation. The EU-UNDP roundtable focused on challenges and solutions for the acceptance and participation of young insider mediators, intergenerational approaches, and dynamics. Recommendations included trusting and supporting the agency of young insider mediators, supporting platforms and initiatives for intergenerational exchange, providing funding for small activities as well as for continuous learning, mentorship, and networks for young insider mediators.

The EU Community of Practice on Peace Mediation 2023
European Commission



Publication date
20 November 2023
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