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Analysis of the perception of the EU and of EU's policies abroad

Results of the study "Analysis of the perception of the EU and of EU's policies abroad".

The study "Analysis of the perception of the EU and of EU's policies abroad" was requested by FPI.4 in order to provide a better understanding of the perception of the EU and EU's policies primarily in the ten EU strategic partner countries. This knowledge should allow to reinforce the EU's Public Diplomacy capabilities by allowing to engage more meaningfully with specific third countries' publics on areas that i) are close to the EU interest and ii) resonate the most at the local level.

By developing a baseline on the perception of the EU, this study will also improve our ability to assess the results of our future actions in the field of Public Diplomacy and beyond. Through its findings and recommendations, this study also aims at contributing to HRVP's efforts that will lead to the new EU Global Strategy.

This study is particularly relevant for staff in the delegations in the 10 strategic partner countries and EEAS desks covering those countries and for those involved in communication and public diplomacy activities in third countries.

This comprehensive study includes i) a literature review of existing research, ii) a professional opinion poll carried out in the 10 strategic partner countries and iii) a media analysis (including social media).

More in detail, attached you will find:

  1. Executive Summary (without country chapters)​;​
  2. Executive Summary (with country chapters)​;
  3. the main Report (with country chapters);
  4. Annexes:
    • Annex I: List of project contributors
    • Annex II: Literature review (with country chapters)
    • Annex III: Comparative public opinion report
    • Annex IV: Comparative media report
    • Annex V: Social media report
    • Annex VI: Key points from Stock Taking Report (with country chapters).

​Additonal information can be found in the following page.

The consortium that carried out the study was composed of PPMI (Public Policy Management Institute),NRCE (National Research Centre for Europe) and NFG-Asian Perception of the EU in partnership with TNS Global. The overall budget for the study was EUR 919.200.