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News article8 April 2020Service for Foreign Policy Instruments

Service for Foreign Policy Instruments contributes to the European Commission’s global response to the COVID-19 pandemic

The EU is taking comprehensive and decisive action to tackle the pandemic not only on the domestic, but also on the global scale, working jointly with its partner countries worldwide to manage the impact of the crisis. With regional approaches tailored to different areas of the world, the EU provides crucial aid to governments worldwide in terms of supporting healthcare measures, protective equipment, humanitarian aid and collaborating on testing and research, as well as delivering essential services and tackling the economic fallout.

Read more in the European Commission’s latest communication on the EU’s global response to the COVID-19 crisis

FPI is making a significant contribution to the COVID-19 response package. Our focus is on helping through the Instrument contributing to Stability and Peace (IcSP) to avoid that COVID-19 fuels conflict, and on action targeting women and girls, health-related business development and exchange of expertise through the Partnership Instrument.

We will look at the specific needs of conflict-affected communities that may be marginalised or left out by the global response effort (in Somalia, for example). We also pay special attention to the particular need for unbiased information on the virus in conflict settings. And we will follow up on the opportunities for peacebuilding offered by the UN SG’s call for ceasefires to concentrate efforts to fight the pandemics and where we may be able to strengthen efforts for more lasting peace.

Supported by the Partnership Instrument (PI), various Delegations are preparing webinars, podcasts, radio broadcasts and virtual discussions on the socio-economic and global impacts of the COVID-19 crisis. This includes online workshops and research on protecting vulnerable workers, fighting discrimination and assisting women entrepreneurs during the COVID-19 crisis, but also connecting municipalities across the world to share best practices in fighting the pandemic. The Partnership Instrument also raises awareness about the use of patented products and the need to fight counterfeit pharmaceuticals, especially in the context of COVID-19 type of outbreaks.

The cooperation with local civil society, media and various experts also aims to combat disinformation about the EU’s actions and promote our values of solidarity and multilateralism amidst the crisis. Under the Partnership Instrument, Southeast-Asian youth and audiences focus on the COVID-19 impacts, exchange views and best practices on how to combat disinformation in a joint regional effort with local media, and play online games to identify true facts about the EU’s response to the COVID-19 crisis.


Publication date
8 April 2020
Service for Foreign Policy Instruments