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Cultural Relations Platform

Conference on international cultural relations in Rijeka, Croatia
Conference on international cultural relations in Rijeka, Croatia
European Union

The Cultural Relations Platform (CRP) supports the European Union (EU) in engaging in international cultural relations within the framework of the EU strategy for international cultural relations.

Based on the previous Cultural Diplomacy Platform (CDP) 2016-2020, the CRP provides a renewed approach based on a set of shared principles and new activities that promote and facilitate sustainable cultural exchanges, people-to-people activities and co-creation processes between Europeans and citizens from countries all over the world.

In particular, the platform:

  • provides policy support, advice and expertise to EU institutions and EU Delegations on international cultural relations through the development of strategies, research, studies, mappings and local consultations;
  • facilitates cooperation, networking and matchmaking activities between the EU and third country´s cultural practitioners through the organisation of local meetings, conferences, workshops, trainings etc.;
  • strengthens the capacity of cultural practitioners globally to deliver international cultural relations.

Some key achievements so far include the strengthening of EU-Morocco cooperation in cultural and creative sectors (CCIs) through the formulation of the first bilateral programme on CCIs, a mobility and cultural exchange of young South African musicians and poets in a European festival and a needs assessment of Ukrainian cultural actors and recommendations for future EU support to Ukraine.

Since 2016, the Global Cultural Relations programme is the CRP flagship-training programme, which connects cultural professionals from all over the globe.

About the Global Cultural Relations Programme
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