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News article25 November 2022Service for Foreign Policy Instruments

Bringing Justice to Gender-Based Violence Survivors in Somalia

On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the European Commission’s Service for Foreign Policy Instruments (FPI) affirms the EU’s strong commitment to combating violence against women around the world.

Bringing Justice to Gender-Based Violence Survivors in Somalia
ABDIRAHMAN Aminanimo Mohamed

FPI is contributing with concrete results through various on-going initiatives in different countries, including in Somalia. The FPI-funded programme Daryeel,  implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) has helped to establish a Women Networking Group (WNG) in Marka, a coastal Somali town. It was established in September 2021 and it consists of 165 female members who are increasing the collaboration between women from different locations and clans. The WNG addresses gender-based violence claims and supports the local administration in matters affecting the peace and security of the region.

Women in the region face numerous challenges, such as sexual exploitation, female genital mutilation, early and forced marriages and neglect of their fundamental rights. An absence of a stable government has exacerbated the problem further. Additional challenges brought by climate change and increasing vulnerability of households have also added on the work of the WNG.

‘’Initially, before the women working group, we never had a room to express and share our problems, our problems are just kept in a shell while suffering, feeling shame and neglect. But things have changed now and our problems are listened to, cared and treated with respect. Beyond that we are psychologically supported to recover from the suffered pain”, says a gender-based violence survivor.

The WNG has also established a Community Policing Forum (CPF). The CPF aims to strengthen the community relationship with security forces and facilitate bringing justice to vulnerable detainees and victims of human rights violations. The activities also include enhancing the capacity of women as mediators to resolve conflict, using traditional performances for women to voice their opinions, and providing women from different communities with tools and materials to carry out environmental activities. Thanks to the group's efforts and commitment to bringing perpetrators to justice, women now have a safe place to turn to when they need to be heard. 

The Daryeel programme seeks to contribute to stability and peace in Somalia and has a particular focus on providing women with the tools to be agents of change in peacebuilding processes.

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Publication date
25 November 2022
Service for Foreign Policy Instruments