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News article3 February 2023Service for Foreign Policy Instruments

EU support to Ukraine: Off-road trucks delivered through the European Peace Facility

On 3 February, two new off-road trucks with double cabin for the transportation of military units arrived in Ukraine.

The European Peace Facility

They are part of a new batch of thirteen trucks delivered to the Support Forces Command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF).

This delivery is part of the assistance measure worth €31 million adopted on 15 December 2021 by the EU under the European Peace Facility (EPF) to support the UAF in the defence of Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty against Russia’s war of aggression. It strengthens the capacities of the UAF.

These off-road trucks will improve engineer platoons’ protection, resilience, and security during demining operations in the Joint Forces Area of Operations. During 2022, these engineer platoons have already received 58 ultra-compact metal detectors and 29 toolkits. In 2023, Ukraine will continue receiving personal protective equipment for the demining squads.

This assistance measure has also provided non-lethal equipment to the National Military Medical Clinical Centre and the Logistics Command of the UAF. In total, in 2022 the EU has delivered 93 one cabin off-road trucks, 50 ambulances, surgery and stabilisation units, radiology units and 27.325 tactical first-aid kits. This year, the UAF will receive more off-road trucks, buses and trailers for transportation of collected mines and explosives.

Since the beginning of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, the EU has agreed on providing military support to help the UAF defend Ukraine’s territorial integrity and population for EUR 3.6 billion through the EPF.


Publication date
3 February 2023
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