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News article19 June 2023Service for Foreign Policy Instruments

We work to eliminate war-related sexual violence around the world

Sexual violence is unfortunately often present in military conflicts and has an immense impact on civilians affected by conflicts around the world.


The elimination of sexual violence in conflict is a priority for the European Union’s external action. The European Commission’s Service for Foreign Policy Instruments (FPI) funds several initiatives, including in Myanmar and Ukraine, to tackle this issue. Below are a few examples.

Brining justice to victims of conflict-related sexual violence


Through the project “Ukrainian Conflict-related Sexual Violence Integrated Support Mechanism”, FPI jointly with the Global Rights Compliance (GRC), focuses on strengthening the investigation and prosecution of conflict-related sexual violence in Ukraine. Project activities are being implemented placing emphasis on a victim-centred approach at all stages of the criminal justice process. GRC also provides consistent technical and strategic expertise to the Office of the Prosecutor General, which has operationalised a dedicated division for conflict-related sexual violence that also supervises regional prosecution and investigative offices. 

Improving the system of response to war-related sexual violence


In Ukraine, another FPI project aims at empowering key stakeholders to provide targeted support to survivors of war-related sexual violence, and to create an effective system to prevent and respond to war-related sexual violence at a regional level. The project also contributes to the development of a legal framework for responding to conflict-related sexual violence and advocate for its adoption.

Developing protection environment for refugees


Over 926 000 Rohingya refugees fleeing violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine state reside in Bangladesh, living in the world’s most densely populated refugee camp, in Cox’s Bazar district. Women, girls, and boys, who make up the majority of the Rohingya refugee population, are particularly vulnerable to risks of abuse, exploitation, and gender-based violence. FPI is supporting a crisis response action in Myanmar, implemented by UNCHR, which strives to improve the overall protection environment by ensuring that the Rohingya refugees relocated to a new facility on the island of Bhasan Char are protected and can live in safety and dignity until a durable solution is found. The action focuses on preventing and responding to sexual and gender-based violence, by raising awareness on prevention of and response to gender-based violence, including sexual and reproductive health; providing psychosocial support to victims of gender-based violence; ensuring children at risk of sexual exploitation and abuse have access to protection and prevention services, and a community-based child protection system/structure is established.


Publication date
19 June 2023
Service for Foreign Policy Instruments