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CRIMARIO - Critical Maritime Routes Indo-Pacific

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Surveillance ships navigating in the ocean
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In 2014, the European Union’s maritime capacity building initiative CRIMARIO I was created to enhance maritime domain awareness through information sharing, capacity building and training in the Western Indian Ocean region. This was achieved through the development of the IORIS platform – a maritime coordination and incident management tool for the region, coupled to extensive training programmes on maritime data processing.

CRIMARIO II, launched in 2020, builds on the experience of the first phase by expanding the geographical scope of the project towards South and Southeast Asia, as well as to the Pacific (as of 2022). Its aim is to inter-connect the Indo-Pacific, through cross-sectoral, inter-agency and trans-regional cooperation.

This supports the EU’s Indo-Pacific Strategy (2021) where the EU is underlining its role as a global maritime security provider, to promote an open and rules-based regional maritime architecture. In this regard, the Strategy foresees the CRIMARIO initiative to consolidate information-sharing mechanisms in the Indo-Pacific region, including through the IORIS platform.

CRIMARIO II pursues two specific objectives: (1) enhancing information exchange and analysis, to support maritime coordination and crisis management; (2) strengthening maritime surveillance, policing, investigation and judiciary.

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4 AUGUST 2022
Factsheet CRIMARIO - Critical Maritime Routes Indo-Pacific
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