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Enhancing Security Cooperation in and with Asia

EU will enhance security-related engagement with Asian partners
EU will enhance security-related engagement with Asian partners
@European Union

The security of European citizens and infrastructures and the prosperity and stability of Europe are now more than ever dependent on developments in the Asia Pacific region. Given Asia’s strategic importance, the European Union (EU) is stepping up its commitment to a greater security engagement in and with Asia to complement its economic weight in the region.

The initiative promotes greater convergence between the EU and the partner countries´ policies on counterterrorism, cybersecurity and crisis management. This is achieved by supporting policy dialogues on security, cooperation, capacity building and public diplomacy activities, as well as by integrating gender perspectives in foreign and security policy, including on conflict prevention, resolution and peacebuilding in Asia.

The initiative also intends to give greater visibility and understanding of the EU's contribution in and with Asia.

The EU facilitated and contributed to the implementation of peace agreements in Aceh and Mindanao. Asian countries also participate in some EU´s Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) operations. The EU established strategic partnership agreements with South Korea and Japan. It has dynamic strategic partnerships with India and holds regular bilateral dialogues on cybersecurity and on counter-terrorism.

The EU-ASEAN high level dialogues on maritime security is another positive example of cooperation by exchanging good practices and lessons learned. In addition, the EU has been connecting with Asian counterparts since 1996 in the framework of the Asia-Europe meeting (ASEM), fostering region-to-region cooperation on traditional and non-traditional security issues.

Based on these successes, the initiative continues to build alliances and secure the EU´s influence by contributing to security in Asia and the Indo-Pacific.