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EU-US Trade and Technology Dialogue

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EU-US Trade and Technology Dialogue

A high-level EU-US Trade and Technology Council was established in June 2021 as part of the Joint Transatlantic Agenda for the post-pandemic era to deal with complex issues deriving from the trade, technology and security connections.

The EU-US Trade and Technology Dialogue is an innovative project funded by the European Commission to support the EU-US Trade and Technology Council with non-governmental expertise and promote the development of transatlantic stakeholder positions on relevant topics. This is achieved by creating, in particular, an interactive platform bringing together EU and US stakeholders´ views to ensure a continuous long-term engagement through events, consultations, roundtables and workshops, as well as by translating stakeholder views into policy papers. In addition, the EU-US Trade and Technology Dialogue will ensure effective communication on the political efforts of the Trade and Technology Council.

The fast digital transformation and the challenges deriving from it are directly affecting both EU and US citizens. It is therefore important for them to be aware of these challenges, as well as of the EU and US joint commitment to address them and feel part of the process.

The Dialogue is planning to achieve the desired impact by:

  • Engagement of stakeholders and development of common approaches to policies within the EU-US Trade and Technology Council’s working groups and among stakeholders.
  • Developing joint positions of the transatlantic stakeholders and recommendations for future actions in the field of trade and technology.
  • Communication with the public to increase transparency and support the EU and US governments in achieving their political commitments and consolidating cooperation.

A consortium led by the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) will implement the project. The European University Institute (EUI), the Instituti Affari Internazionali (IAI), and Forum Europe will participate in the consortium. Additional support will be provided by the US-based Providence Group.

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