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Global Exchange on Religion in Society

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Global Exchange on Religion in Society
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This initiative sets up an international exchange platform to connect positive experiences of coexistence of people of different faiths, and none, in societies across the globe.

The platform connects and empowers community actors (faith based or not) from across the religious landscape, inside and outside the EU, to enhance cooperation across a broader range of issues with a focus on both religious and non-religious areas of policy concern.

By amplifying their voice, the platform facilitates the spread of best practices on promoting respect for one another and fostering social inclusion. The initiative also creates transnational networks of religious actors from different faith traditions working in the same professional sectors.

In particular, the platform foresees:

  • exchange visits for civil society and religious actors in European and non-European countries, based on the topic of the Exchange;
  • virtual meet-ups and exchange programmes to feed into and build on the exchange visits;
  • creation of an alumni network;
  • activities for micro projects to strengthen communication skills of individuals who deal with issues of faith and social inclusion;
  • set-up of a transnational network of social media content creators on religion and social inclusion.

These activities help identify approaches from the grassroots level to build bridges and help communities focus on what they have in common, while respecting everyone’s specificities.

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