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EU restores main marketplace in Bor, South Sudan

Shortly after conflict broke out in South Sudan capital, in mid-December 2013, fighting erupted in Jonglei State and its capital, the town of Bor. During the unrest, tens of thousands were displaced and the town suffered significant destruction of private property and public infrastructure including schools, clinics and government buildings.


Public marketplaces were also destroyed, including the main Marol Market.

In this context, the Instrument contributing to Stability and Peace (IcSP) engaged quickly, together with its partners, notably the IOM (International Organization for Migration), in early recovery initiatives to jump-start commercial activity in Bor. Through a labour-intensive effort, 100 local and ethnically diverse workers spent a month in Bor and cleared rubble, built stalls, rehabilitated 25 water handpumps and integrated latrines in five marketplaces. As sections of the marketplaces were cleared, traders began to set up stands and commence their business activities. As a result, trade continues to grow in Bor town contributing to the ongoing process to restore normality in one of the epicenters of the conflict.

A formal handover of the main marketplace to the local authorities took place in a ceremony on 30th September 2014, where EU support was highly appreciated by the governor.

IOM press release


Bor in 2013


Bor in 2013